"Sarbey, Kelly, Kaufman's experience has been invaluable to us; enabling Playa to develop an internal audit oversight function that allows us to moitor internal controls at our hotels."

- Omar Palacios, Forner Executive VP & CFO, Playa Hotel & Resorts

Our internal audit outsourcing teams conduct audits of our clients' systems of internal control. This includes operational controls, information systems processing applications and techniques and the information they produce. The information gathered during these audits forms the basis for our reporting communicated to management, boards of directors, audit committees or other stakeholders. 


The results of our internal audit procedures provide our clients with valuable information regarding:


  • The adequacy of internal controls

  • The degree of compliance with the client's established policies and procedures

  • The effectiveness and efficiency of the current controls in achieving organizational objectives

  • The accuracy, completeness, timeliness and/or fairness of financial or non-financial information


Whenever possible, in addition to communicating the results of the testing procedures, upon completion of our testing, we recommend cost-effective suggestions for improvement for management to consider.