"Sarbey, Kelly & Kaufman's objectivity, independence, and professionalism make them an invaluable part of the organization."


- Denise Dickins, PhD, CPA, CIA.  Assistant Accounting Professor at East Carolina University and corporate board member

Our financial statement attestation services assist owners, managers, lenders and other financial statement users in obtaining information on which they can relay in order to make informed decisions regarding the results and health of the business. Our team of experienced professionals partners with our clients to develop an approach that is sensitive to the business' needs to minimize disruption while ensuring our work is done in a manner consistent with professional standards.


We take a constructive approach in serving our clients, blending technical knowledge with business insight. We often raise questions and develop suggestions for improving an organization's system of internal accounting control and administrative procedures. We pride ourselves on making recommendations for improving our clients' financial structure, increasing the profitability of operations, strengthening the overall management process and minimizing tax burdens.